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Hydrogen Valves

Japanese Leading Valve Manufacturer for
Hydrogen Fuel Cell Application

Adopted by world’s major automobile manufacturer. Developed high-performance valves to realize hydrogen society

As a Japanese leading valve manufacturer for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Application, Hamai has developed valves for FCVs with world’s major automobile manufacturer. Being recognized with high R&D capabilities, Hamai’s valves have been installed to the first FCV in Japan. Not only for automobile & trucks, but Hamai also aims to expand the business to any types of mobilities such as railroad, aircraft, and construction machinery.

Applicable for ultra high-pressure 700bar
World’s first to meet the global standard requirements
-60°C Available
Super air-tight performance under low temperature
6 Components
Full lineup of valves for ultra high-pressure FC application

Able to achieve excellent performance by installing our valves to your system, Applicable to variety of hydrogen fuel cell mobility and applications

Hamai has developed full lineup of 700bar valves which includes On-tank solenoid valve, PRD’s, and Receptacles. Highly reliable for usage of light duty, heavy duty and storage systems.

Our valves for hydrogen with extremely high performance and reliability meet the requirements of the global standards such as GTR & UNR.

Fulfills the global standard GTR No. 13 with Nominal Working Pressure (NWP) of 700bar, and Maximum Operating Pressure (MOP) of 875bar.
Applicable to -60℃ exceeding the requirements of global standard, GTR’s requirement of -40℃. Shows high performance with the design aimed for the actual environment.
Our PRD has accomplished an astounding durability by satisfying over 50,000 cycles of pressure cycle test, which is nearly 5 times of cycle required by GTR. (11,000 cycles)

Hamai’s valves for hydrogen are manufactured in Japan with rigorous quality control.

Hamai, with a design concept of “Safety is always our top priority”, develops high quality products with excellent durability and stability. Our valves for hydrogen are manufactured in Japan, a country which possess high processing technology and rigorous quality control.

Super efficient
production system

Production is seamlessly built with our own manufacturing plant. Equipped with facilities prepared just for fuel cell products, we are capable of rapid development and manufacture.

Highly reliable products
purely made in Japan

Including the top-class booster with capability of 1500bar, we possess variety of high performance testing facilities. The products are made in Japan with rigorous quality control.

High quality manufacturing method

Hamai installs quality management systems such as APQP Validation Process and CPKS definition, which enables high quality manufacturing.

Ultra precision machining

Capable of ultra precision machining by our original tool & jig manufacturing know-how, 5-axis machining center, and multi-tasking machine.

Flexible R&D system

Open for joint development. Able to customize based on customer’s product specification.

Swift manufacturing process

R&D and production department cooperates for product development. Able to prepare a mass production system by our swift manufacturing process.

Product Lineup

On-tank Solenoid Valve


Designed very compact with required functions and super air tightness.



Achieved stable pressure reduction.
Designed compact and light weight with check valve unitized.

TPRD*Thermal Pressure Relief Device


Satisfying the global standard.
Outstanding durability with creep less mechanism.

End-boss TPRD


Special structure which enables the adjustment of PRD’s position and gas release direction.

Check Valve


Avoids back flow by secure sealing performance and provides stable flow rate.



Adopts chattering suppression mechanism. Acquired ISO17268 SAEJ2600 certification.

Hamai aims to expand
the business worldwide.

Hamai supports customers around the world by developing and supplying valves for hydrogen fuel that contributes to the world’s energy and environmental problems.

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